Iranian .270 Winchester Headstamps

Yes, Iranian .270 Winchester headstamps, and four of them!

From left to right:

  • Defense Industries Organization
  • Iran Chemical Industries Group
  • Maham Ammunition Industries Group (x2)


A. Why?
B. Dated!!!
C. Is the example on the left “DIO”?

A: possibly for government officials? Guns are a big status boost there. the more gold and ridiculous the better

Jon, in Iran this is a popular hunting caliber, along the 7,9x57, .308 and .30-06.

Yes, left example is headstamed “DIO” (Defense Industries Organization).



Hunting is very popular in Iran and given all the embargos they must find a way to supply their hunters.
Besides this Iran’s industry is very capable so no surprise in my view.

From their 1996 catalog: