Iranian 7.62x39

Did anybody ever see Iranian made 7.62x39 AP, tracer, blanks and dummies?

The DIO catalog is showing at least the AP and the tracer load:

Interesting that the accuracy requirement for lead core is less strict than that for steel core AP. Usually its the other way. – And that they still use the old height plus width measurement for comparison.

Odd indeed but I would not be surprised if things just got confused in these sheets. This can be seen in many other product sheets of other manufacturers.

On my screen it looks as if the ball cartridge had a copper clad case?!?!


I wondered about that too but all catalog images are usually heavily photoshopped and it can be difficult to determine.

What’s with the muzzle velocity ?
i.e. 695 -725 m/s

Most list one velocity not a range .


They follow the “allowed range” of velocities not just the average as one figure - the Russians do the same also with weights.