Iranian 7.9 label

Can anyone translate the first (top) line of this Iranian 7.9x57mm box label?
The box contains 10 rounds on chargers. The Persian

I can kind of sound it out, but no way making a stab at its translation. 32 for the date, that makes it about March 1953 - March 1954 Gregorian, right? Great photos! How did you capture them? Flatbed scanner?


Yes, they are scans. I use an old Microtec ScanMaker s400. Works pretty good most of the time and it

I showed this to a Persian friend with no knowledge of ammunition. He says:

Bullets pointed on both ends
7.9 caliber
10 cartridges
Tehran 1342

I asked him several times about the pointed on both ends thing. He said that it says pointed and two. He also seemed confident that the date was 1963.

pointed both ends= boat tail bullets maybe?


Thanks a lot for the translation.