Iranian SAA packaging


I’m wondering if anybody had pictures of Iranian SAA boxes and battle packs to share, recent and old, together with details about the contents.

Thank you, Hans


I have a pack which came filled with Iranian 7,62 x51 Ball (Tehran made)…is is very similar in (plywood)construction to a Modern British 7,62 Nato crate.

In fact, it would not surprise me if it was a Repainted British crate…I will have to dig it out of storage (it is used for storing Movie prop “Mines”).

Given that the Ammo factory technology in iran is mostly originally from germany, and they follow the German Colours used on primers, I would assume a “Germanic Technology” from the Shah’s time, and their Battle packs would be heat sealed Plastic tubes( 200 rounds)…

There has been some Iranian Surplus ammo around the world, but given the Embargoes on trade with Iran by most of the Milsurp World (USA et al) it is not common. Examination of the contraband seized by Israel in the Gaza Tunnels might be instructive…a lot comes from Iran.

Doc AV


Thank you DocAV to start.

Some Iranian stuff apparently comes from Bosnia i Herzegovina these days, dressed as “Portuguese made for Iran” for some funny reason, but definitely it is not Portuguese.

After all those decades of more or less followed embargoes the factories now will use all sorts of technologies, including Iranian. Cartridges still have their green pa, but generally they changed their look over the years.

Please excuse me being so curious, I’d be happy if you could share pictures, including inscription.

Thank you, Hans


Hans, What kind of headstamp is on this ammunition?




you ask about my mentioned “Portuguese for Iran”? As far as I know those don’t have the known Farsi h/s, just calibre at 12’ and year at 6’ in our Arabic numbers.



As Hans described, 200 round green plastic battle-packs of 7.62x39 were plentiful in the US about 5 years back. Headstamps were 7.62x39 (at 12) 94 and 95 (at 6).


Hans & Jon. I have discussed this headstamp in earlier posts on the old Forum. It occurs in a number of calibers including 9x19mm over a decade or more. I have it on good authority that it is Iranian production. It is interesting because the Olympic ammo that came into the US some years ago included this headstamp on a number of calibers including 7.92x57mm. It appears that Olympic was buying the ammo from Iran and boxing it for sale in the US!




Jon & Lew,

thank you for the confirmation.

Back to my original question, how were those - and other SAA!!! - packed? When there were plentiful 7,62x39 in the US years back, in battle-packs of 200, how were the battle-packs marked? Was the contents loose? Sure not!

Any kind of information beyond this point appreciated!



I don’t know about any Iranian connection but here is an Olympic 7.92x57 box that contained cartridges with headstamps similar to the ones referred to in the thread.



the ctg indeed has an Iranian look. Thank you for posting the box image, not exactly what I was looking for, but maybe helps trigger more to come!



Sorry, have no Iranian ammo. But “200 round green plastic battlepacks” sent me to the basement. Doc mentioned that they probably would look like German ones. This one was sold to me as German 7.62x51, there is nothing at all on it.

For comparison, here is a Swedish battlepack with “6.5mm sk ptr m/94 prj m/41” label.

So, short of opening the “German” one, is there any way to tell from the outside?


That is what you were told it is. The Iranian 7.62x39 battle-packs are narrower and darker green, with a generic black on white label. Nato Dave has one still in his stash, and I asked him (at 7:19 pm, 5/31/10) to post a pic. Let’s see how long it takes him. ;)


Here’s the battle pack that Jonnyc is refering to

The 20 rnd boxes are plain brown with no markings and very poorly made. Bullets are GM, case is brass with brass primer and green primer seal. Headstamp shown is one of the better ones!



About time!
Didn’t those also have a stick-on white label with black print?


I don’t recall any with white labels. This is the only style I have. I think your memory is failing you - it’s a classic sign of lead poisoning in adults (as is irritability - read impatience!) No more cartridge shows for you 'til the symtoms subside.



I’m feeling much better.


Healing effects of cartridge talk!

Thank you guys,

I have pictures of the crate under-way, now I only need the image of one of those 10 boxes (by now I know it is boxes of 20), and the same with Iranian inscription!

Takk før det,



… and for those of you who wish to see what is inside NATODave’s rds:


In this box came the typical Iran 7.62x51 ctg, mixed hst, red and green pa. The box is the most rough I’ve ever seen and as you can see on the foto’s. Jan


Jan, onleesbaar, maar uitstekend!

It needs a better reader than I am, but with the time we will find out!

Hartelijk dank , Hans