Iraq 12.7x108mm


I have a Iraq 12.7x108mm Dummy. It has a magnetic ball bullet with a heavy smooth cannelure on the neck to retain the bullet. The primer is recessed 1.6mm below te face of the head. The headstamp, as shown below, is (19)82 Army Property Symbol 12.7 and three Arabic (Farsi??) letters at 12:00. According to Elk’s in “Ammunition with Arabic Markings”, the meaning of these letters was unknown in 1979. Has the meaning been discovered since that publication?


Could you show it from the side? Would be great. Interesting cartridge.


I don’t know the meaning of the characters, but if it is Iraqi, then it is Arabic, not Farsi. Farsi is Persian (Iranian).


EOD: From the side it is just a standard 12.7x108 Ball. Only the lack of powder and the recessed primer identifys it as a s dummy. I would post a side view, but all I have is a scanner. Scanners work fine for headstamps, but do very poorly with 3-dimensional side views.

John: Thank you about where Arabic and Farsi were used. I could not remember late last night as I was typing that posting weither it was Iran or Iraq that used Farsi. That is why I put Farsi in parenthesis. The cartridge is from Iraq as is shown by the triangle with a “geesh” inside it which indicates Iraqi Army Property.


Ah, ok, I thought it has flutes or so.

The scanner image quality is varying between all models. Basic rule: the bigger the distance from the scan-slide to the glass plate the sharper and better the 3-D-image you get.