Iraq 7.62x39 Headstamps

I have the following Iraq headstamps. These are VERY crude drawings of them. I tried to scan them but they were not very readable.

I need to know the actual transliteration of the Arabic letters and the words they stand for. Also, a translation of the words.

Are there any other Iraq headstamps on 7.62x39?

There was a series of postings about 3 or 4 weeks ago, maybe more, with some nice pics of Iraqi 7.62 headstamps.

Jon–Thanks for the reminder of that thread. I had forgot it. Here is the thread for those who want to refer to it on this discussion.

I assume the “03 39” in many of those headstamps means “Factory 03” and the “39” is short for 7.62x39. Of course the other two numbers are the year.

#9 in that photo is the complete headstamp for my crude drawing #1.

Does any one have a list of the factories in Iraq and their headstamps?

I cannot help out with the translation, the transliteration is like this, read from right to left, however here written down from left to right:

1st row: MEEM YEH 'AIN
2nd row: MEEM-'AIN-JEEM

There was another style I know of in this calibre, like 2nd row but without dashes.

I assume the last style you took from a better stamped case than mine is. This one I could also dubiously read as MEEM 'AIN JEEM and it must have been made under the many contracts outside Iraq by someone not very familiar with Arabic letters.

7,62x39 were stamped in this chronological order:

1966 until 1974: MEEM 'AIN JEEM
1973: MEEM-'AIN-JEEM and MEEM JEEM JEEM (if it is not MEEM 'AIN JEEM)
1973 until 1984: MEEM YEH 'AIN
Since 1985: 03

Maybe there are some more dates and overlaps, I don’t want to claim my information being complete.

Edited for addition: the name Iraq is written 'AIN REH ALEF QAF. I don’t know if this is true but the headstamp entry 'AIN could well stand for Iraq or Iraqi.