Iraq has an arms industry again

I just noticed that Iraq has established a new arms industry last year which is named “Technical Directorate for Military Production”. The name sounds a bit centralized. Maybe run by the same people as before 2003 (those still alife).

So far all sort of ordnance are made (or planned) and some do look a bit improvised.
Iran and others seem to be involved.

By now I have not found anything on small arms ammo but will keep looking.

I like their badminton ammunition for drones…

A picture published early in 2017:

Yes, these appear to be made of Czechoslovak 30x210 HEI-T projectiles. The other type they have is the converted 40x53SR M383 HE (below, image from the web).


The Brits could use those badmitton ammo at Gatewick Airport right now.

Yes, maybe the should hand out “special forces defence tennis rackets”?

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Are there any armed forces or police that have/use anti-drone ammo? Scary thought.

I am sure there are but they will not tell us.
Saw these once with the bodyguards of the French Pesident Sarcozy.
Of course no ammo was shown but the guys around him had Russian (!) Saiga 12GA semi auto shotguns and these being loaded with “00” was no option in a crowd so I figure it was anti drone ammo (or just trap or skeet loads?).

Like this fail (or?) of German LE and related services:

Also I am sure that anti drone ammo and other measures (jammers, directed energy, lasers etc) will be standard in future.

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Here the link to the Iraqi arms show:

And here an image video of TDMP, the (head?) manufacturer:

And to my surprise it was difficult to find the TDMP website, but here it is: