Iraqi? 7.62x54R

I think I asked this in the past, but I can’t find the answer. These are unremarkable 7.62x54R cartridges with no color codes. Are they Iraqi? If not, who made them?

Both are Iraqi. The h/s read:
L: 03 54 87
R: 03 54 86

Thanks Jon!

So it is common to see Iraqi ammunition without the diamond/triangle looking ‘Iraqi property mark’?

Also, does anyone who has some Iraqi ammo to cross section or pull projectiles on have any info on the projectile type they used on their common 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r loadings? Im curious if the x39 especially is M67 type, M43 type, or neither like the egyptian stuff.

I have a fair amount of Iraqi ammo. I’ll put it on the to-do list: pull and/or cross-section.

I have pulled or sectioned about a half dozen Iraqi 7.62x39mm from various eras and all have the M-67 style projectile. As far as I know, the 7.62x54r are loaded with lead core projectiles as well.


me262 and AKMS,
my impression is we could be more precise with designations here. M67 does not automatically stand for a lead core bullet in any other country than former Yugoslavia. The Iraqi bullets in question here definitely are no Yugo M67 because, even unpulled, we will see that the ogives differ significantly.
Same for the term M43 bullets. Those are not automatically mild steel core bi-ogives based on Soviet design.

Hans, I use the term “M-67 style” to refer to lead cored FMJ projectiles. Since the vast majority of lead cored FMJ projectiles in this caliber are very similar in design to the M-67, it is a convenient way to distinguish the two major ball projectile types in this caliber: lead core and steel core. True that M-43 is not a good designation for steel core. “PS type” is certainly more accurate. Do you have a suggestion for a better term to identify the lead core ball projectiles in this caliber?


I am aware of being master hair splitter but I really believe, once M67 is used for something specific, a general use is only second best idea. Tomorrow someone might tell us there is an M67 load out there made in Burkina Faso or some other weird place we never heard of. Imagine all our excitement and you can wait for my question if they really loaded M67 or maybe Hornady lead core!
As long as we don’t know what the Iraqi designated it, why not just call it what it is? Pointed spitzer lead core bullet. Flat base FMJ if you wish.
Have a good night, I’ll find more hair in the meantime :)

Hans, I think we are losing something in the translation. I say “M-67 style” which means “like” or “similar” to a M-67, but not exactly the same. This is common here in the US, at least by shooters, to differentiate between lead core and steel core. Perhaps I should not use a “Shooter” term in “Collector” discussions!


AKMS and all,
nothing got lost in translation, I did not read well enough.

My apologies !!!