Iraqi shotshells?

I just wonder if there is any documented production of shotshells in Iraq. Maybe not today anymore but it would have been likely before 2003.

Is there anybody with specimen or info who can shed light on this issue?

Really nobody?

Howdy EOD,
the only two that might be.
No idea of age
You & others may be able to tell me about them.

Pete, thank you for responding.
To what I understand the left one should be Iranian and the right one is from Egypt.
Still interesting to see and I hope somebody can translate the markings and tell exactly what they are.

Your assumption about iran and egypt is right.
I have the same sort of shells in my collection and a few more from egypt with that style ( when intersting I can show some pictures).

About iraqi shotshells.
I am really trying to remember where and when I saw pictures of them.

Whenever I remember I will let you know.

Regards rené

Rene, sure I am interested to see them. There is never too much reference!


here are the pictures of the ones from Iran.
The Egyptian ones I will make a new topic of.

I have also others from pakistan, and several other with Arabic written on the case ( or something that looks like it )

Red one is a 12 Ga and the yellow one is a 16 Ga.

many regards rené

Rene, again great reference! Thanks a lot!