Iron case with brass bottom end


It looks like an iron case with a brass bottom, but I’m not sure. I found it in the woods deep in the ground. Can someone tell me what it is?
The diameter at the bottom is about 12 mm.


Welcome to the IAA Forum. The object that you found is probably too far gone to concisely identify. It is obviously the base of a steel cartridge case. The 12mm figure you gave for a measurement probably won’t help much. Nazi 7.92x57 and Soviet 7.62x53R cases were made of steel and both are right in that size range. The identifying features needed to distinguish between the two have corroded away. There are no markings, case shoulders, rim or extraction groove that identify shell case.

The brass primer might be the only surviving clue. I think German cartridges from WWII are more commonly found with zinc primers and Soviet cases are commonly found with brass primers. That is not really saying much unless I manage to start an argument between the real experts on this sight. I am usually just a lurker here. There are also a few other steel cased candidates beside the two previously mentioned including Dutch 6.5x53R, Italian 6.5x52 Carcano, German 7.92x33 Kurz, Italian 8x59 Breda, Hungarian 8x56R, US .45 ACP from WWII with the Soviet 7.62x39 and Czech 7.62x45 coming in later and there may be others.

The place where it was found may offer more clues than the surviving artifact itself.

Good Luck on Your Quest


There is always the possibility that it is NOT cartridge related, but may be an automotive or agricultural part; some sort of plumbing or piping part, or a case of where someone stuck a brass part that just happened to fit into a hole in an iron or steel object.

It may be an internal component from some sort of fuze or detonator, or related to mining or industrial use.

Just my thoughts without any specific knowledge of what it really is.


Thanks for the information. I found this in a sand path in the woods of Elspeet in the Netherlands. On the same spot I found a 7.92x57 case made in 1942. So it is possible that the part found is indeed german.



Do you mean that the brass part is approximately 12mm diameter and the corroded iron/steel part is much bigger?




Do you mean that the brass part is approximately 12mm diameter and the corroded iron/steel part is much bigger?

No the iron/steel part is about 12 mm. The brass part is 5 mm in diameter.