Is anyone else having problems with Photobucket?

When I try to go to Photobucket, I bet their beta test page, and nothing works on this page, including the button that says “go back to my original photobucket”.

Does anyone know how to break out of this beta test version and access the old version?



Lew, no idea but their recent changes screwed up the whole thing and they really suck!

If they will not fix it soon I’ll stop using them.

Yes, I had the same problem today. I’ll give it a few days and try again.

To post the photo of the plastic 380 case, I had to put it on a webpage on my website. A pain! I have tried to report this to Photobucket but that was a hassel also.



Guys on other Forums are reporting the same thing. It seems that some now have a working version so maybe it will take some time?? Mine will not work.

In the meantime, I have still been able to use tinypic, which is a simple version of photobucket. Actually, I use tinypic more than photobucket. The big drawback to it is that it’s a one-shot deal, no album, etc.


Just added this picture (at West Point) as a test, seems to work.


Maybe your photobucket account works, but that sign sure doesn’t. How many years has it been now???


I refused the ‘offer’ of the beta pages and my account still works.

I have an innate distrust of ‘so called’ improvements, all too often they prove worse than what we had before. A case in point; is digital radio better than analogue FM? Could be, but it depends on the sampling rate and that’s something you’ve got no control over. The broadcaster can adjust it to keep costs down. My particular bugbear is MP3 music, just try listening to it on a good hi-fi or headphones … Mr Edison and his wax cylinders sounded almost as good.

In an age when there is choice you’d hope that suppliers would be more savvy than to use their customers to iron out faults in the product. Young people especially want something … and they want it now, they’ll walk from anything that doesn’t work and word very quickly gets around.

I dislike change so much even the prospect of moving from Photobucket fills me with dread!

Happy collecting,


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No,problem with the new photobucket.
Add a picture of my crate collection!!!


I gave the new version a go but didn’t like it…in fact, I couldn’t get it to work at all.
However, I then found a tab asking whether I’d like to stay with the new version or if I’d rather revert to the old version. I simply chose to go back and now have the old & familiar Photobucket working perfectly.

I don’t remember selecting to join the Beta test, but I have tried the link to convert to the original photobucket but the link doesn’t work anymore, even when I copy the url and try to access it seperately. There is just no connection.



Lew, I have been having the same issues. I was told to try a different browser. I tried Google Chrome and it seemed to work.

I have not been impressed and have told them so in several emails… The new beta version… sux… :(

Yes, I was also told to change browsers. But, I’m not about to do that just to have access to Photobucket. It has changed so many times over the past that I no longer use it. Fortunatley, I downloaded my entire album about a month ago so I at least salvaged that much.


I think in the US it calls bullshit.

Try it out for half an hour.
I returned to the beloved the “old” one.


I highly recommend Thing I love most is the on-the-fly conversion to different sizes of photos.

and you can manually change the link to s1600 for 1600px or s0 for the full size even though it is not listed as an option under the embed link.

Plus it is very easy to control access to images and albums. Here is an example album view:

Hmmm … very impressive but …

… it is Google.

If I distrust change, I distrust monopoly too.


Indeed! That is the other positive point! Easy syncing between gmail and Google+, free offline picture management with Picasa, Google returns your results in your own private searches when you name or tag files… etc., etc.

Plus I wouldn’t trust what you read on the BBC anymore anyway ;-)

For everyone’s info, Photobucket solved my problem and I now have full access to the original Photobucket and to all my old files.

The first solution Photobucket offered me was:

[quote]Hello there!
I am very sorry for the inconvenience! There was an issue effecting users, we’ve identified the problem and our engineering team fixed it.
Please clear your cookies and cache, restart your browser and log back in.
Clear your browser’s cache and cookies: … nd-cookies
If you experience any of the same issues please let me know so I can notify our engineers.
Thank you for your patience and again, I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience!

I’m sure this would have worked but reestablishing all the cookies for the websites I visit would be a pain so I told them I was still displeased. Yesterday I got the following reply:

[quote]Ben (Photobucket Customer Support Home)
Nov 22 01:06 pm (MST)
Hi Lewis,
I have manually changed your status to the old Photobucket site. You should see it if you log-out of Photobucket and log back in. If you don’t, and want to keep all of your other cookies intact, you will have to find the specific Photobucket cookie and delete it.
Please let me know which web browser you are using if this doesn’t work.

It worked like a charme. We all make mistakes but Photobucket did well solving it for me. I have to give them credit.

If anyone is still having problems with photobucket, write them at the following email and tell them who you are on Photobucket and what your problem is. I’m frankly impressed with their customer support function.

You may even want to ask for Ben!

Good Luck…


I have my photobucket album back and working also. I found a round-about way to do it. I Googled “” and got about 10 hits. I started going thru them, as though I was trying to establish a new account. I came upon one that asked if I wanted the “old system”. I clicked yes and it opened a window for me. I then logged on with my original user name and password. I don’t know if I was smart or just lucky. Probably the latter. I don’t know how long it will be before they change everything again or, worse, require everyone to use the new system, but at least I was able to save my album to a CD. I still use tinypic for 99% of downloads.


Luck is always better than skill Ray! When it comes to computers, I have little of either!!!