Is it a common 9 para headstamp?

I have recently found this 9 mm Para brass case.Unfortunately it is without its bullet.I know it is a product of Gustav Genschow of Durlach.I would like to know if it is a common item or not


2 Euros

Pivi - it is a very common WWI headstamp style. I can’t speak for the date, as I don’t collect dates in 9mm Para, only all other visual differences. Sometimes some dates are rarer than others, but it doesn’t affect value much except in extreme cases because not all collectors save every month (or lot number) and date. J-P’s valuation is probably right on for Europe, and perhaps just a little high for local shows in the U.S. I have bought headstamps like this (WWI era German military rounds) for as little as 50 cents and as much as two dollars in recent years. I don’t take a catalog with me to shows, and I buy these once in awhile because there is a big variety in letter sizes and number shapes, which I do collect. Usually, it ends up in my dupes or given to my neighbor, who only collects 9mm because of me, and is a casual collector.