Is it common in the USA?

Yesterday my father gave me a winchester made paper 28 gauge shotshell and it has a 70 mm long case.Is it a common item in the USA?PAPER 28 shotshells with this case lenght are rare in Italy
They told him that this one was fairly common in the american farms (???)

Pivi-It would depend on the headstamp, but, in general, the 70mm length is considered the “standard” length for this gauge. 28 gauge, while not as common as 12 ga or 20 ga., are quite common.

I agree with you
That’s because italian factory have always made this shotshell with cases 65
mm long.Actually in Italy the plastic version of this case is very common but the paper version is almost impossible to find ( I’m talking about the 70 mm varsion).My sample is winchester made but I’ve never seen a paper fiocchi case with this lenght,probably because every country has its standard lenghts.Could you tell me what are the rarest lenghts for this gauge?I have samples 51 mm,63 mm (brass) ,65 mm and 70 mm long.

Pivi-I don’t collect shot shells so I can’t answer as to what are rare lengths. J-P can probably give a better answer.

Hi !
About Fiocchi , Piloni Bernardo, Martignoni : 28 gauge (paper case ) in 65 mm long only.
About Leon Beaux it is 65 , 70, 75 , 80 mm long

The usual length is 65 mm


I’d like to have a scan of that L. Beaux catalog.According to me they produce shotshells with unusual lenght case for italian standards because were a part of SFM.Probably these were usual french lenghts.For example I have a 36 gauge ( 410) made by L. Beaux whose paper case is 60 mm long.This is not an italian standard lenght.
I forgot to say that when I wrote "51 mm and 63 mm " about the lenghts of my samples this refers to all metal shotshells ( aluminium and brass cases)


51, 60, 65 long are the italian standard for 12 mm