Is Lithuania the key to SS ammo?

The first large scale murder of Jewish civilians of the WW2 era took place in Lithuania . Does anyone know of SS ammo remnants found there ?

Further to the Lithuania question, the majority of “Special Solutions” carried out by the “SS” in the Baltic States were physically done by locally recruited “Polizei” within the SS…so there could also be large quantities of Baltic Staes 7,9mm ammo used as well.
SO the range of spent case HS will be wider still. Baltic States 7,9 has been found in North Front (Battle) areas.

Just a thought.
Doc AV
AV ballistics.

Has any of that shown up on other sites? I don’t recall seeing anyone from Lithuania on sites. Latvia , yes.

I have also read that some of this fired ammo showed up at a training base in France. Also, mentioned is that unfired ammo turned up in France and that some French dealer is still selling this ammo.

Any thoughts on the French connection in this? German SS units in France or French SS units ?

There are also SS cases found in the Netherlands. No large quantities but single cases wich were probably fired in 1940 when Germany invaded the Netherlands.