IS made disposable rocket and grenade launchers

CAR came out with a new report on IS made (at least assembled by them) rocket and grenade launchers.
Maybe of interest to somebody.


Very interesting read, thanks!

A very controverse thing in my view.

Strange noone here seems to be interested in this subject.

Well, we know tat at least TWO of us are!
I have been interetsed in this sort of thing ever since I was introduced to det cord… ah, the good old days!

Jack I wonder now as I posted this in April last year.

Is this another “hidden” thread that did not show up to others?
If so it seems you have broken the seal. Thank you for this.

I have been perusing old threads, and it is remarkable how many have no response to, that people will not even read them, much less comment on. I find that rude.

I hae a .pdf copy of “Handbook of Enemy Ammunition, Pamphlet 15” from 1945, May. Have you seen this?
It is too large to download here…

Jack, I guess it is not people being rude or not having interest in something (after all noone can expect that) but as mentioned I think the thread was not shown to anybody as new.
I saw that several times with myself when I saw thread for the first time which were 1+ year old.
And even some were my own threads where people had answered my questions and I never got to know - only much later and accidentally.
And I mentioned this problem several times already but there seems to be no solution to it.
Unless my threads are put on “harvey mode” on purpose but that I will exclude since it happens to many other ones as well.

I hadn’t seen this thread before, but saw it now - really interesting read. Thanks for sharing Alex.
The last displayed projectile reminded me a little of HESH/HEP shells with the rounded nose…? But if it is indeed HEAT(-FS) then I’ll take it as fact ;)


Ole, the round-nosed ones are “thermobaric”. Maybe you got confused over all the variants.

You’re right - read wrong on the tables…

EOD, please PM me, I have a question…