Is the .338 BR the same as the .338 Whisper?

The Mini-Anthis precision silenced rifle by Stopson (France) is listed in .338 BR caliber (8.6x38mm), is this the same as the .338 Whisper?

Does Stopson make/load their own ammunition in this caliber or is it obtained elsewhere?

Any idea of headstamp(s)?



Brian, yes, it is the same cartridge. Stopson offers cartridges made from Remington 7 mm BR cases and loaded with Sierra 300 gr HPBT bullets.

12.7x57 Anthis, .338 BR and .300 Whisper:

There are two different .338 Whispers, one based on the 5.56x45 case and one on the 7.62x51. See this article, from which the pics below are taken:

Also note that the 300 Whisper is almost identical to the 300 Blackout, the 302 Whisper is the same as the 30 BR and the 338 Whisper #2 is very similar ( slightly different case lenghts) to the 338 - 223 Rem short.

I think that there could be some chamber differences between BR and Whisper numbers, as well according the standard rifle twist used. Anyway, being wildcat or proprietary numbers, these dimensions can be varied by the rifle maker

Thanks for the information.