Is the ammunition supply situation improving?

I made an out-of-cycle visit to the local Academy Sports store this afternoon. My last visit was about a month ago. At that time, the shelves were sparsely stocked for most ammunition types, except for shotshells. Today, the shelves are nearly full of rifle ammunition. As opposed to my most recent visit, when about the only handgun ammunition in stock was .40 S&W, today there were a half-dozen to a dozen boxes each of 9mm, .380, .38, .357, .40, and .45 ACP, plus .223 and .308 (both the latter absent during my last visit). They are still rationing sales in these calibers to one box per caliber, per customer, three boxes total. .22 LR is still in short supply. The clerk told me that every morning there is a line of people wanting to buy .22 ammunition standing outside the door when they open. They are now getting a little .22 ammunition (CCI and Federal) but it is usually sold out within minutes. He said they had some CCI .22 LR this morning but it was sold immediately. His advice to me was that if I wanted any .22 (I don’t), I should get there about 6 AM and get in line (they are also rationing sales of .22).

The clerk made a comment something like “You wouldn’t have seen this (handgun) ammunition here two weeks ago.” I thought it was unusual that they were displaying the handgun, .22, .308, and .223 ammunition in a different area of the store near the front door, not back in the gun area where it usually was kept in the past.

I don’t know if the supply is getting any better or that the prices are still so high that the people aren’t buying what the stores get in stock. The local WallyWorld still sells out of what it gets immediately, and what they get isn’t much. Still no 22lr to be had. I do haunt the local State Game Lands range and I am finding a lot of old boxes in the trash. I’ll post them later but it does answer a question posed in a previous thread about how long are primers good for. One box was a Rem-UMC green box for .25 ACP with the statement “NON-CORROSIVE” on the left and “NON-ERROSIVE” on the right. Not knowing exactly when this box was made but I’m guessing at least pre WWII.

I work at a local gun store, and while we get shipments of .22 LR, 5.56, .223, 9mm, and other major calibers regularly, they are gone often before they ever actually hit the shelves. People will literally wait for an hour and a half around the time shipments come in to swipe it all up.

Gentlemen, so is it a high demand or a low supply now?

The supply is higher than normal, the demand is completely out of control.

Who would have thought there were so many preppers? The situation in the US is causing shortages here in Europe as well, where there is no panic buying. Ammo in general, PPU in particular, primers and powder all in short supply and prices have gone up.

So people here are reacting to the shortages as well now. Just from a supply and demand point of view, I’ve got to buy a tub of powder? might as well buy two to be safe. It will have gone up by the next time.

The thing that happened the last time there was a shortage (right after Obama’s first election) was that after a 9-month or so shortage, there was a sudden deluge of ammo on the market as new entrepreneurs and suppliers all suddenly found themselves with stock, and the demand had settled. MidwayUSA is a good gauge since when they have everything in stock, then you know there is a surplus all-around. This is why the shortage has seemed worse this time I think, the manufacturers are reluctant to increase production capacity too much as far as buying new machines or buildings, since they know there will be a rather sudden end to this shortage once foreign supplies, and new domestic supplies all kick in together.

Here in north Florida, there’s plenty of ammunition in all calibers. The prices are still high, but coming down gradually. A 420-round can of fresh Lake City 5.56mm M855 in stripper clips and cardboard envelopes cost 360 (.86 a round), but the 55-grain stuff is cheaper. It seems that the ammo backordered when the craziness started is now being delivered.

In addition, there are plenty of the evil AR-15 type rifles available that are about what they used to be, like a S&W M&P 5.56 carbine for $850. Also, lots of other brands like Bushmaster. But, no Colts yet.

It’s easing up where I’m at, too, but people are still very much in a panic because of new state-level legislation that was introduced.

Just to note an example; On MidwayUSA things are still pretty wild in terms of stock getting gobbled up within minutes. I had been waiting months for the new 9mm and .40S&W Barnes “TAC-XPD” loads to come into stock and today I received an email alert that they had arrived. I made it to the site about 30 minutes after the email notification and they were already gone, even though Midway had a 5 box limit per purchase.

IMHO it’s as bad as I’ve ever seen it.

Local retailers gouging like never before, local -Mart stores with less than 10-20 total boxes of ammo on the shelves, online distributors with figures like 2 items out of 263 actually in stock, largely increased delays on my department’s orders through LE distributors (drop-ship from factory), and just plain silly prices. A large local gun/ammo/milsurp vendor with an attached national catalog division now posts no prices at all in their catalog, even for items like an AR15 charging handle.

This is TEXAS, and I had to go through 10 online vendors and 8 brick-and-mortar stores to find 2 boxes of .30-30 last month.

Reeeee-diculous. Thankfully I still have stuff left over from Y2K.

An e-mail from a local shooter about a store with great prices! .308 was down from close to a dollar each BUT now about ONLY about 80¢ each. OH BOY!! bargains just everywhere!

The ammnuition shortage is beginning to bite here in New Zealand, 2-3 week wait for some Winchester ammunition.