Is the California ammunition ban blocked or not ? Let the band play on!

Any one got any solid confirmation on California ammunition ban bring blocked ??
This 07/24/18 articular headlines it, then all I see is on large capacity magazines ???

To my knowledge, the decision only has to do with the criminalization
of mere possession of the magazines. I am surprised the 9th Circuit
court ruled that way on it, but pleased of course, even though I just
spent eighty bucks on four 10-shot mags for my Browning GP. They
usually tow the usual left-wing line. I am not sure it effects the ban
on the USE of the magazines, but for now at least, one cannot be turned
into a criminal because he owned such magazines before they were
made illegal. That, of course, is an unconstitutional “Ex Post Facto”
law, along with the the seizure (or voluntary turn in) of your property
with zero compensation. I think that’s called “confiscation.”

I know of nothing in that decision, although I have only seen a very condensed
version, dealing with the ban on receiving ammunition deliveries from any source
but a licensed dealer.

John Moss

Thanks John , I have no idea why this articular headlines ammo band blocked and then only talks of magazines ??? If you heard anything, please let us know. My Best, Dave

Ok, sorry in advance, but the teacher in me is fighting to get out…and winning.
It’s an ammo “ban”, not a band. The other one that always gets me is “ordnance”. An ordinance is a law, ordnance blows up.

jonnyc, OMG it’s the spelling and grammar police, I’m under arrest for sure,
I give up. I suck at this Language from that damn England, Fire the cannons. :-) :-) :-)
I’m going to take my toys and go home :-) :-) Bit me :-) Just kidding !!
Let’s have a parade , I like “Band” better then “Ban” :-)
We’ll have to do lunch, your buying :-)
Wish I could come down to the show, not this year…
My Best