Is there any way to date these casings?

The museum where I work received these casings that are supposedly from 1934. Is there any way to verify that they are, indeed, from the 1930s? I’ve attached photos of the headstamps, and I have additional photos of the full casings if that is helpful. Thank you for any assistance.

1960s. Possibly as early as the mid to late 1950s.



Thank you, Ray. If you don’t mind, what about them indicates that they are from the 1960s?

Nothing I can stake my reputation on (which isn’t much to begin with)… Just their general appearance, headstamp styles, etc. As i said, it’s my SWAG. Others may disagree.

The 35 REM is definitely pre-1960.


May I ask which museum this is?

It’s for The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, NV.

Welcome to the forum. If you are looking for some potential cartridges to be shown in a Mob museum then you have come to the right place. Myself and others can advise you on many of the “metal piercing” cartridges in .38 special and .45 auto which were first marketed to law enforcement for dealing with gangsters. Other potential cartridges to be described are 12ga buck shells of the period, various .35 Rem, and some early tear gas munitions.

Thank you, Matt.

For these particular pieces, we are trying to determine whether the headstamp, type of metal, etc. is indicative of the time they were in production. From what I’ve learned so far, the Western-stamped casings were in production for a relatively long time period, so it’s difficult to date them accurately. I haven’t had much luck with the Remington one. Before we make them a part of our collection we need, at the very least, to have some idea of when the cartridges were being manufactured.

However, I wasn’t entirely sure who to contact regarding the history of cartridges (or casings, in this instance), and this seemed like my best bet.

If there’s any light you could shed on the period in which these were made, I’d be very grateful.

The REM-UMC 35 REM headstamp, with that style of wide, bold, letters, was used from the 1930s until discontinued in 1960.


Thank you very much, Ray!