Is there such a thing as IAA tooth fairy?


We are sitting a mile away from the Arch getting ready to go out to eat and my son’s tooth comes out. He asked me if there is a Drury Inn tooth fairy. I, after 3 free glasses of wine (yes, Jon, you get 3 a day for nothing), being giddy, decided to ask the forum. Ron is soooo gonna kill me tomorrow.


Tomorrow he may “yell” at you, but come Wednesday morning, he’ll be able to do it in person.


To get this back on track…put a CARTRIDGE under his pillow!


Make it a 7.62x39 cartridge and have him show it to “Uncle Ron” on Wednesday, as something he got from the “IAA tooth fairy”.


If it is an India or Nigeria or Pakistan 7.62x39 I MIGHT over look this breech in protocol.
Signed-- Ron “The Royal Tooth Fairy Enforcer”