Is this 7.62 x 17mm?

I found this full box today. Headstamp is 311 93. Is this the Type 64 Chinese 7.62 x 17mm round? How common is this?

Yes, Chinese made Type 64 7.62x17. Basically a 7.65x17SR with turned down semi rim.

In my view this box style is not very often encountered in the west.
The scarcest variant I know of is this very same box just with English markings.

The cartridges in your box are more or less common.

How did it appears in South Africa? I’m very curious about that

EOD - I have two variations of the same box shown by Sheng. The only difference is in the size of the markings. I got both boxes empty, but both are in almost new condition. They came out of a waste can at the “Tourist” Range in Beijing. Steve Fuller brought they for me, taking them out of the waste can when a guard wasn’t looking. They were actually not even allowed to pick up a fired case, and every gun they paid to fired was actually loaded by the Range people, I suppose on the premise of either they didn’t know how, or so they never actually saw the cartridges. That was some years ago.

Sheng - thanks for telling the headstamp. While I have never had my boxes translated, I could not see anything that resembled a date - only the Type designation “64”, the caliber, the quantity in the box, and the arsenal number, which does relate to the same information on the headstamp. However, not manufacturing year. I suspect this same box can be found with other dates in it, unless I have failed to spot a manufacturing date on the two labels I have, which as I said above, are identical to each other.

I will see if I can get different scans off of another box for this Chinese ammo. It is yellow, and some of the print is white, a very bad combination for legibility. If I can, I will post them on this thread. I think it might be more common than Sheng’s box, although it is in Chinese language in the main, but with “Made in China” and the words “Smokeless” and Non-Corrosive" in English, in each instance following some Chinese characters which I assume mean the same thing. It is quite a colorful box. Unfortunately, I also acquired that box devoid of cartridges, so have no real idea of what was in it. It is for 35 rounds also.

John Moss

Here is the other box I mentioned.

John Moss