Is This a .303 Explosive Cartridge?

Depicted in the photos is a cartridge being advertised as an explosive round. As you can see it has 303k on the headstamp. From my reading it seems k could refer to one of the first two incendiary rounds which were actually explosive per Tony E and were dealt with as such on his website.

The bullet looks like the VIIK Mark I in that the hole in the nose is 0.09" in diameter as Tony says. However it does not have the priming charge that inserts in the hole.

Please let me know what you think this is and thank you.


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Hi, I think it’s called a “peg point” expanding bullet. I have it with a Holland & Holland headstamp.

Dan could you post pictures of yours?


Hi Harvey, The bullet pics are not very good, so let me know if I should redo.
pp hs
profile pp
peg bts

Dan, is that expanding as in hunting, or as in a “dum-dum” style?


I would guess hunting. Maybe someone will know for sure.

Those tips do look awfully similar Dan.

A hunting cartridge made for Hulland & Holland in the heydays of this company.
Guess the specimen is 100 years old or more.
Correct me if I am wrong,anyone.


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“Patent Peg” by H. W. Holland, 1895 (from H&H 1900 catalog):

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I bought one on these from Conjay Arms Co in 1975 for 1.50 pounds. By 1980 it was 5 pounds.
Sold as sporting 210 grains jacketed hollow flat-nose with metal plug at base of hollow.
I have mine listed at brass plug but would have to find it to check after all these years.

Robert Buttweiler listed two in his Guide to Ammunition Prices as:
Probably where I got the wrong name. (If they are the same.)
Thanks Fede!

I think that pretty much settles it. Thank you very much gentlemen.


A third variation headstamp

Fede & eric1, thanks, info much appreciated!

A box front & back


I am really impressed with this forum. I submit what seems to me like an obscure cartridge and all of this information is provided. Well done gentlemen! I was tempted to say that you “pegged” the identity but that would be a terrible pun.

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Cool, I love the Paradox Testimonial!