Is this a 7.62x25 Tokarev?


Found this by my house. There were Germans and Russians close to my house in 1944. I found this pretty close to where I found a .30 cal from a Lend-Lease M3 Lee tank. This looks like a 7.62x25mm Tokarev to me but it also could be 9x19 Parabellum. I couldn’t find any headstamps on it even after cleaning with vinegar and scrubbing with steel wool.


From the overall dimensions it cannot be a 9x19 Para - too long. It looks as if it has a bottleneck, so my guess is on 7,62x25 Tokarev.


That looks very much like a star at the 3 o’clock position.


Clearly a 7.62x25 TT.


Thanks guys! Didn’t see the star haha.


Yes, definitely a 7.62x25. A little cleaning of the base will really help to ID the headstamp.


Remember, vinegar mixed with a little salt, not just vinegar. I actually use a product called “Iosso Case Cleaner” that is specifically made for extremely tarnished brass. It is made for reloaders to clean brass and not make it brittle as other chemicals will.



I use brass “toothbrushes” available from Grainger, Northern Tool or Techni-Tool. No steel wool or steel toothbrushes. Tom from MN


The Primer diameter gives it away as a 7,62x25…l.199"/5,0mm Berdan); German etc 9mm have a 4,5mm Primer(0,177").
The Two are easily distinguishable.

Doc AV


I found this Will this do?

Do you guys know what the bullet tip is made out of? Should I clean it ir not take the risk of the gun powder going off?


I found this on a web shop. It says brass corrugated? Will this work?


I wouldn’t use it. Do you have a Dremel Tool that accepts 1/8 inch shaft brushes? Dremel Tool makes a miniature brass rotary brush, p/n 535 that is perfect for this type of cleaning. Glad to help you out. Tom from MN


You can clean lacquer off of old cartridges with acetone, the smelly liquid that women use to remove nail polish. If you want to display shiny brass objects, use a can of Brasso cleaner. Just don’t use it on painted surfaces because it will clean them up!!! Tom from MN


Stick with the white distilled vinegar mixed with a little salt and an old tooth brush. You can finish up with some extra fine bronze wool. Anything else is to abrasive and will just ruin and remove what headstamp is left.



How do I use Brasso? Does it remove all the tarnish on the brass or should i use another method to clean all of the bullet? Oh and do you guys know what metal the bullet tip of the 7.62x25 is made out of?


Stay away from Brasso, it is abrasive, ask any GI, use lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, acetone or nail polish remover as Tom notes to remove lacquer but watch for annulus and tip colors. If it has been polished before being lacquered once the lacquer has been removed it will start to become less shiny over time & eventually look as it should, or close to it.

Stay away from powder tools, easy to go too far. The same with a hand held brush, no matter the brush bristle material.

These things are old & as such have wrinkles, age spots & all that other stuff. If you want new looking things, just collect new things. My 2¢.

Bullet tip, does it take a magnet, most likely, & if so it probably has a thin gilding metal coating over the steel jacket & attempting to clean it too much will quickly remove the G.M. & leave you with shiny steel. Best to just leave it as it is unless you can find the right touch or chemicals.
Again my 2¢.


The bullet probably has a lead core and a steel jacket with a GM (copper) coating or jacket.