Is this a Hard to Find Winchester Super Speed Loading


I had somebody contact me this weekend to pick up some old ammo that they had. Two of the boxes were Winchester Super Speed .38 Special which is no big deal until I noticed the loading which was Metal Piercing. I have included a photo of the box and would appreciate any comments. Wards Collectibles auctioned one at their last auction but I do not know what the pre price range was and what it actually brought at auction.

Winchester38MP … 38SPL1.jpg


DK Configuration is the man to talk to on the AP pistol stuff (his speciality),


The cartridges aren’t that hard to find with that “Super speed” headstamp. But a nice box is hard to find. Last year I saw an empty box in excellent (not mint) condition sell on Ebay for $198.00. Because it is a harder to find Winchester box, there are plenty of collectors for it. That price seemed kind of high, but the boxes are probably worth $100 anyway. A full original box in that condition would have to be $300 or so maybe? It’s hard to say, other later versions of the all-yellow or all-white metal piercing boxes usually sell for $40 - $70 from Winchester. You’d need to get ammo collectors bidding on these boxes. Even though I collect the ammo type, I wouldn’t pay more than $150 for a full box, but Winchester specific collectors would.


DK Thank you for the info. The nice thing is that the 50 cartridges are also in mint condition.


After checking the label image that I had which came from the auction I mentioned from last year - I need to make a correction. It’s not exactly the same label, and I’m excited to see that there’s a variation. This is probably old news to advanced 38spl & Winchester collectors though. The label / box which I show below is exactly the same in all regards except that mine has the words “Nickel plated shell” on the right side of the label under the words “Metal point conical”. Mine also has a comma after the “38” at the top, and also has tab cut-outs for side-opening flaps I presume. The one originally posted in this thread doesn’t show the thumb tab cut-outs, and I assume it is a two-piece box or just a different style of end-flap? Shown below is the image I had, and the side & back labels. Are these side & back labels also different than yours BWHornbeck? It may be that one version of this box is worth allot more than the other?


You are correct. It appears to be a label variation. Here are the links to both sides and the end flap. My one side makes no mention of nickle plated shells. The cartridges are all nickle. … 38SPL2.jpg … 38SPL3.jpg … 38SPL4.jpg

There are inter locking tab cutouts and this is a 1 piece slide box.