Is this a Lebel cartridge?

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A cartridge acquired with a ‘job lot’ in a house clearance!
It appears to be made by Atelier de Constuction de Rennes, Rennes, France but what does the ART D stand for and is the manufacture February 1908?


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It would appear to be, are you able to post a side-on picture of the cartridge?

I don’t believe this round has a bullet catch ring on the head of it as Lebel cartridges are supposed to have.

Unless the French were specific with what ammunition is issued in Berthier clips (in which case the ring doesn’t matter). I’m sure someone here would be know the answer.

Being a newbie I could only post one image above! This is the side view of the cartridge.

If it helps, there is information at
Under the CF heading: 8 x 50 R / 8mm. Lebel
Three sections:

  • Introduction and types of bullet
  • Markings O-K
  • Markings L-Z


Also information at

My understanding is that the date is: Q2 1908


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