Is this a munition or something else?

I’m not sure what this is. I’m posting it here because at least superficially, it resembles a bullet (a large one). I hope it is just the remains of an old firework from a past holiday celebration. It was found near a spot where some moles were digging, so there is the possibility that it was under the surface for some time.

It’s heavy. A magnet does not react to it, so there is no metal in it I can’t say what material it is made of. I know a munition most likely would have metal in it, but I’m no expert. Perhaps this was just a part because obviously this is just a piece of whatever it was. Take a look at the pictures. Thanks.



Here is the bottom of the object.

Here is a picture of what I assume to be the top of the object.

On another forum, someone suggested it is a shotgun shell. I don’t know. Paper hulled shotgun shells were used at least from 1900-1945. This house is from the 1930s. I thought it could be a battery but it is claimed that batteries have a lot of steel, zinc etc. This object appears to have no metal of any kind in it. It does appear to be old. The ground here is very sandy, and iron objects literally get eaten up by the soil and heavy moisture in the soil.