Is this ammo boxer primed?

I have the opportunity to get some 7.62x51 (I think?) and was hoping someone could tell me where it’s from and whether or not it’s boxer primed.

I have not seen it and this is all the information I have:

The boxes say:

7.62mm, erzeugt in udssr


7.62 80 188

Is this boxer primed ammo?

7.62mm Made in the USSR?

Brass case, steel case? Might be 7.62x39 also. My first guess would be Berdan.

John, it is 7.62x54R since it is saying “Gewehr” (Rifle), besides that the 7.62x39 was not produced as a sporting cartridge in Soviet/Communist times.
The cases should be brass and Berdan primed.

Thanks for the replies.

The guy selling it told me that it was 7.62x51. Did Russia (factory 188) make 7.62x51 ammo?

It is possible. I’ll alert Dave S. to this.

Ruusia did make sporting 7,62x51 early on, at “L” plant, The cases were brass, but fitted with the Russian 6,45mm Berdan Primer (.254").
They were made specifically for the Western European market, as an early attempt to get over the collapse of the Soviet system.

Ammo is just as corrosive as Soviet 7,62x54R
BTW, they also made a sporting brass version of the 7,62x54R as well as a coppered steel case version. With a 200-210g rain RN SP. All with .254 primers. (RWS #6504 for reloading). I have a case of the 7,62x54R sporting, and several packets of the 7,62x51 as well.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

I think the box in question is a 7.62x54R since it was made for the GDR which hardly needed this ammo in 1980.
Further the designation “7.62mm Gewehr-Patronen” is the definate GDR designation for 7.62x54R.

Russian produced 7.62x51 I have seen so far had the full caliber given on the box.

With regard to the question on Russian 7.62x51 production, Novosibirsk Low Voltage Equipment Plant (factory 188) uses LVE as a commercial headstamp. I have two show dummies, one CWS (top), the other brass (bottom) from LVE (both have soft point bullets). I’ve not seen loaded cases.

Military cartridges may exist since the company states that “To extend the range of its products, the LVE-Works has launched production of the NATO-standard ammunition of 7.62x51 mm caliber and sniper cartridges with hardened-steel core bullets.” I’ve not seen any of these, but if anyone can provide further details, I’d be very grateful.

Dave S

Dave, so far I know military production/hs from Klimovsk Stamping Plant and Barnaul only (the latter also made “military” 5.56x45)