Is this an automatic cannon round?


I have no idea what this is, and originally believed it wasn’t even ordnance. However, it appears the link, it was assembled to, has left it’s silhouette etched on it. It is silver in color, has an overall length of 8-1/2 inches long and, at it’s widest point, a diameter of 2-3/8 inches. Is this the entire round or only the projectile. It would be unusual for the projectile part of the round, not the casing part of the round, to be linked together. Any suggestions as to what it can be?



Welcome to the forum. That item does not strike me as being a cartridge or projectile for an automatic cannon. The feature at 12 o’clock on the base looks a lot like an SAE hydraulic port (maybe a -3 size?). Can’t tell if the other holes are threaded from that view. The other thing that makes me think this is a hydraulic or pneumatic device of some kind is what looks like a cross port drilled hole under the feature at 3 o’clock and perhaps diffusing or baffle ports under the feature at 9 o’clock. The “IN” marking would certainly make me think some plumbing attaches to this.

See if you can remove the base plate with the ports and perhaps a good look at the insides will suggest it’s use as a mixer or muffler/diffuser of some sort. Great item for a game of “Liar’s Club”!



Thank you Dave, it appeared to have attached to a feed link which made me think it was a cannon round.