Is this cartridge released?


yesterday I was an the german weapon and outdoor fair called IWA. I get an catalogue of the MEN , S&B Magtech group and saw this cartridge. Is it still out there to buy?

Since about twenty years or so MEN only sells to security forces and the military. No chance it will be available in the gun trade.

Is it such an old cartridge?

No, it is rather new and made by CBC and the projectiles come from a compny in the UK.

In the catalog photo on this thread, there seems to be two very different bullets for this cartridge type. Just pointing it out for the record. I don’t know anything about the cartridge itself.

I had postet in another message board al lot of my taken pictures from the IWA and the cartridges that were shown . If somebody wanna have it please send me an E-mail or your mailadresse via pn.

The CBC guy told me that the “wide open tip” variant was for shooting through glass.