Is this really a 5.45x39mm case

Was recently given the case pictured. Headstamp is nny 1988. It seems to measure out at 5.45x39mm. Does this look right to the experts?

It looks much like it. I know brass cases from PPU (hs: PPU+year) and those made on Manurhin Machinery in/ for Uzbekistan (hs: 601 * C 02).

there are also brass cases from PINDAD in Indonesia.



Thanks Jean-Francois, this one I forgot, the hs should be then: “PIN 5.45x39”.

Looks good to me. I really wish some of that brass cased 5.45 would come into the US, assuming it is boxer primed. I’d really like to reload some for my AK-74 clone, but reforming .222Rem brass is a pain.


The nny 1988 case pictured above is boxer primed. I have no idea about it except it was handed to me by a friend at the Czech Show.

Thanks for the info. I assume from the comments that this brass case 5.45x39mm isn’t a common item.



Lew, yes, so far only very few “PPU” cases and cartridges have shown up.