Is this shell paper or plastic?

Can someone tell me if the Eley Grand Prix cartridge in these pics is paper or plastic ?

It looks like paper, see the edge wear at the mouth & the seam where the paper outer layer overlaps. Paper cases are made by winding thin layers of paper with a colored sheet at the last. If you closely look at the edge of a paper case you will see these built up layers. same with most any thick piece of cardboard (other than corrugated).


Thank you ! Is it possible for you to decipher if this cartridge is a spherical ball cartridge ?

How could anyone do that?
All that is shown is Eley Grand Prix bog-standard color and case wall print?

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Would you happen to know if ICI or IMI Eley made Grand Prix spherical ball cartridges after 1970 ?

No I don’t know.
Same question you asked on your other post.

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Sorry. I have a borderline obsession with collecting Eley shells . Most people believe that IMI Eley stopped making shotgun shells after 1970. Others believe that Eley made shotgun shells until 1977. I’ve been chasing these " legendary " post 1970 ammo catalogs for years . I’m starting to think they don’t exist.

Buck, I’m not aware of any source stating that IMI Eley stopped making shotguns shells after 1970, it is just that nobody participating this forum seems to have a post-1970 catalog. “Eley” brand shotshells continued being manufactured after 1970 until this day.




Buck, nothing wrong with a borderline obsession, some of us are on the other side of the border so far, we can’t see it in the rear view.
To me your questions are a bit confusing, as you talk of Eley shells general manufacture times and then of a very specific type of a load.
The question originally asked on this post. Sounds like your much a beginner you don’t know a paper hull from a plastic hull? However it’s an important question if you didn’t know but I’m still a bit baffled by it. And then if you don’t show the mouth and perhaps headstamp how could it be possible to answer the question? For all we can see is nothing but the side & for all anyone but the person who took the photo to know, the top wad / over shot card could have a bunch of 6’s printed on it.

To help complete things I should add that plastic tubes are usually made by extruding a ‘slug’ of colored plastic through a die so it is a 1-piece tube with out any seams, trimmed & then fitted to the head.

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You’re right , Pete. I am a beginner . I have been using plastic shells in my shotgun all my life . That’s why I was unable to understand if the Eley Grand Prix shell is plastic or paper .
This photo was sent to me by a relative living overseas . I told her that I have an interest in vintage Eley ball cartridges and so she sent me this picture . I was unable to determine if it was a paper shell or a plastic shell without being able to hold it .
My interest is predominantly with Eley’s spherical ball loads . There’s something just so old school about using shotgun shells loaded with a round ball

Ok Buck here’s some Grand Prix shells, headstamps & other bits.

Headstamps, Hopefully in chronological order
DSCN3983 DSCN3984 DSCN3985 DSCN3991DSCN3986 DSCN3987 DSCN3992
As you can see some dummies & window shells were made along with sectioned examples for sales or perhaps show & tell, or trade hows or?
Also a Spherical ball & a Lethal ball. You can use the edge of the paper window shell to relate / place them to the drawer.(the window at the left drawer edge is a plastic hull example)

last two spherical balls showing the case print differences.
Shells range from 10 to 28 bore & by no means a complete collection.
In the plastic examples none were spherical ball.
The steel head dummy headstamp goes with the pinkish paper HV variation top row just left of the blue16 bore examples.
I don’t have any .410, 4 or 8 bore Grand Prix shells, for whatever that’s worth.
Anyhow I hope this is of help & use to you.
Forgot to note, one of the paper 16 bores is a spherical ball load

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Thank you so much , Pete . One question.
Suppose someone took out the ball from a 2 1/2 inch Eley Grand Prix spherical ball shell and put it into a 3 inch Eley Alphamax magnum shell ( with higher brass ) after emptying the BB shot from the 3 inch shell … would they work safely ? Or would the pressures increase to unsafe levels ?

Please read the requirements about posting or asking reloading questions on this forum.

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Sorry , Pete. Read it now

IMI became independent of ICI in 1977, still producing Eley brand rimfire and shotgun cartridges for the sporting markets.
I worked in a gun shop in Surrey, England., between 1979 and 1982. We stocked Eley shotgun cartridges in several bore sizes, with the 12 bore Eley Grand Prix No.5 and No.6 shot being the most popular of the varieties we stocked. I recall we also stocked Eley Trainer, Eley Hymax, and Eley Alphamax. There were ten cartons (containing 25 cartridges) in an outer cardboard case.
Our main ammunition sales was actually .22LR target ammunition, particularly Eley Club, and Eley Match, which we often sold in 5,000 round cases to the local rifle clubs.
The Eley ammunition deliveries arrived in the back of a flat bed truck that often had copper water pipes as part of its cargo for delivery elsewhere. If I recall correctly the trucks were sign written for IMI Yorkshire Copper Tube.

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Thank you so much . Did you stock Eley Alphamax LG , Eley Grand Prix spherical ball or Eley Alphamax rifled slugs after 1970 as well ?
Do you know when these were dropped from the line ?

We didn’t stock those loadings, as we didn’t have any demand for them, and I don’t recall if they were listed in the trade catalogues at the time I was working in the shop.
I remember we had Alphamax loaded with AAA, as I bought a carton for my own use.
We also stocked an SG load for people that shot practical shotgun competition, but I am pretty certain they were Grand Prix SG.
The only order I recall for rifled slug was a small amount for an individual, so we filled the order with Brenneke slugs in cartons of 10 from a different supplier (RWS?).

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