Is this the appropriate forum?

One of my current research topics is .22 Short rimfire ammunition, particularly match or target ammunition made after the end of WW2 until the end (?) of manufacture of match ammo following the banning of the use of Shorts in the Rapid Fire Pistol events. Is this the place to ask about such things?

Although I don’t collect or know much about the round, this is the place!

Hello Waterman,

You are definitely in the correct place as Jonny mentioned.

I am not too sure on the question being asked, but this .pdf file composed by Hap Rocketto may help you out some:



Some possible avenues of research-

From the IAA Home page ( . This is an EXCELLENT reference listing of .22 boxes and associated information from all around the world.

Also from the IAA Home page, reference section, is a collection of Ammunition Catalogs. These are copies (PDF format) of various company catalogs listing ammunition, including in some cases, match ammunition. As an example here is the pdf file for the 1947 Remington Dealers Price List which pictures and lists .22 match ammunition in the .22 rimfire section of the catalog: … 20PL-2.pdf

Here is the cumulative index for the IAA Journal: … -index.pdf .

A quick glance through the index and I found this listing: .22 rf National Match Camp Perry 2007 458/7, 459/48
458/7 = IAA Journal Issue #458, page 7
459/48 = IAA Journal Issue #459, page 48

Using the IAA Forum SEARCH function (top right hand of the page) and for example entering the search term “rimfire match” (I included the parentheses in the search term entry so the search would look for both words) and the search brings up a two page listing of hits showing Forum threads containing the words rimfire & match. Some of the hits are relevant and some are not relevant.

And of course you can always post more questions, information here on the Forum:-)