Is this WW1 or WW2?

Can someone identify this for me please. I was left it by my father, but I don’t recall if it was his from WW2 or my grandfathers from WW1? Second photo showing casing markings to follow shortly. (I hope)

Please whow us the headstamp.

WWII. 1944 headstamp

You have a .303 British cartridge produced by Kirkee Arsenal, Poona-3, Kirkee, India and as Pepper stated was produced in 1944.


Thanks for all that, I didn’t want to tell my grandkids the wrong information.
Any ideas what the other bullet might be?
Cheers Jim.


Did your father serve in WW2? Pacific?


Hi Brian,
My dad never liked to discuss the war, but he was in the British army, and as I remember it, he served in Europe, spent some time somewhere near Australia, and ended up in India at the end of the war.
After it was all over he migrated to Australia.
Cheers Jim.

The bullet sort of looks like a British .380 Revolver MK II.

Great item & could have happened in all kinds of ways. If it could only talk.

Friendly fire sounds scary.
Yes, I so wish I knew the full history of it.

Could very well have been an accident, or just fooling-around target practice.

We’ll very likely never know.

Thanks for the help guys.
I now have some information to pass on with it to my Grandkids.
Unfortunately it’s full story is now lost forever.
Cheers Jim.