Is this WWII ammunition

Hi I’m wondering if anyone knows if this is a type of ammunition from any era ( thinking maybe WWII? ).
It was dug up on a military firing range which dates back to WWII ( mortars, grenades small arms large arms etc) and am extremely curious of what it is and where it comes from/ made? Cheers

Dimensions and any markings would assist identification.

It is 6cm long and approximately 6.3cm in diameter. The tip looked like a detonator, it has broken off due to being buried for so many years.

You don’t note the material from which it is made, steel?, though it does appear to be brass. Is any part of it magnetic?

Perhaps a piece of machinery or even a sign holder / post-top ?

Is it solid or hollow inside?

Not into large bore but I’ve not seen it’s like before. Was it found in Britain?

I found it in Australia . It is brass and it is hollow inside hence the small dent on it.
It seems to be filled with something ( thinking ammunition powder ) as it was buried on an ex military munitions range dating back to WWII? Could it possibly be some type of screw on explosive tip from way back in the early days?

beats me what it is, my best guess is above