Israeli 5.56mm-9x19mm cartridge

This photo was taken in Israel and is reputed to show an experimental cartirdge tested in a modified Uzi. Does anyone know anything about this cartridge? A translation would be appreciated.



this cartridge 's name is “223 urban” made by imi for increase better penetration and much velocity
i hope that i not made mistake

This was the one that Jon C referenced in my recent thread asking about necked-down pistol cartridges that uses .22 projos like the .22TCM. The old thread that he had posted about it is here:

I think Lew was much more interested in any details on that long 9 mm cartridge in the picture than the others. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it.

Isn’t the long cartridge a .30 Carbine?

I assumed the order of the cartridges to be: (L to R): .30 Carbine, .38 Special, Unknown round.

That little round is the “.223 IMI” that I have posted about previously.

The plaque says:

Thanks for the cooperation.
From your friends as the “Yitzak” factory. January 2000

You know, I may have overlooked that. With Lew’s question, I assumed he was interested in the long round and that it was 9 mm. Looking better at the picture with my old eyes, and the proportion of the bullet compared to the .38 round show, I agree 100% that it is a .30 Carbine round. Sorry about that. My boo-boo. I couldn’t imagine Lew getting excited about anything but a 9 mm Para or a good glass of wine (but Lew, no Chianti, please) :-)

I thought it was a nice photo and shared it. A guy who is doing research on the Uzi was interested to know if anyone could shed some light on it.

Jon, I will have to dig out your thread and send it to him. Do you have a link?



As posted above:

I may have posted on it earlier, when I first brought them back to the US, but that would be way back in the old forum archives.

Thanks, I missed it in DKs posting.