Israeli .50 Cal. (12.7x99) Metal Box for Argentina

Here is a Israeli made .50 Browning ammunition metal can which was supplied as part of their military aid to Argentina during the Falklands war. Cartridges inside are headstamped LOT1 TZ81 12.7x99M8 (black tip AP) and LOT2 TZ81 12.7x99M20 (red tip tracer).

With the non-attributable can labeling, I’m a bit surprised that the rounds have the easily identifiable TZ headstamp. Oh well.

Jonny, yes, for some reason the factory didn’t care enough to make a “discrete” headstamp, which would have been far more logic (and interesting to collectors). Anyway, the left panel of the box is also clearly stamped “TZ” over “14-82” stenciled in white.