Israeli .50cal spotter-tracer M8C dummy


There was a previous topic which touched up on this subject viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9088&hilit=50+bat+dummy. So I decided to show this dummy.


Vlad, why BAT?


Because Dan Dietz wrote “BAT” on it? Here it is, side by side. has this dummy, with a correct description :)


BAT usually referrs to the British 120mm recoilless weapon “BAT” what if I recall it correctly stands for “Battalion Anti-Tank”.
One would assume that the Israelies used the US 106mm M40 with the M8C spotting rifle no?


I don’t know, I need Jon’s help here.


Well, Alex is 100% correct, but I must admit that I also call the round a .50 BAT. Mea culpa.


Which gun came first, chronologically speaking, the UK B.A.T. or the US recoilless M40?



Israel must have surplused these literally by the ton. About five years ago, these were available by the box full at all the militaria shows here in the UK.

It must have been a “one off” thing as I don’t see many here now.