Israeli 7.92 x 57 Headstamp

Here is a scan of a drawing of a 1953 Israeli 7.92 x 57 headstamp. I am interested in the purpose of the very small mark shown by the arrow. This is obiously intentional, as the shaded areas are impressed, and this small mark is raised. This drawing was carefully done, and is almost to scale. Can anoyone shed any light on this mark, it must be there for a reason.

Falcon–It is the Romen numerial “I” for the month of production, January. I have the same headstamp with I through XII.

Thanks, I knew it was a deliberate mark. I also have a later one marked "n.

Today I got another one of these with (i think) “XI”. Looking at the headstamp correctly orientated, “X” is below “I”. Is this “11” or does it read the other way up as “IX” for “9”?

Falcon–Good question. I think it is “11”. I have always read these with the primer side being the bottom. I have one wth “VIII” and that is the way it is oriented.

Cheers Ron, I will add it to my records as November 1953.

Slightly off-topic, but if you are going to collect calibers by lot and date, especially one like 7.92x57, try to plan your recording system with LOTS of room for expansion. Many of us have had to completely re-do our recording systems multiple times because we simply ran out of drawing or listing space.

I wans’t intending to collect 7.9 by date and lot, I just came across the Israeli 1953 “XI” round attached to a keyring for 50 pence at a junk sale.