Israeli 7.92x57 Dummy?

Today I got an Israeli 7.92x57 that I believe its a dummy or drill round. It is headstamped “ח.ר.ת IIX 54”. It has two holes drilled by simply passing a 4mm drill through the case .600" above the case head and a blind primer pocket bored deeper than normal with no anvil or flash holes. The bullet is GM FMJ, non magnetic. It is the blind primer pocket that makes me think this is a factory made dummy round. Is this a legitimate round?

Falcon - Absolutely it is a legitmate Israeli drill round. I have about twenty of them in different dates in my collection, identical to what you described. I also had a .303 in the days when I was collecting that caliber, made the same way as the 7.9s. Israel almost made three types of wood bullet blanks, depending on when they were made, tear gas rounds (grey bullet tip), and grenade blanks, which seem to be fairly scarce. I forget if they made tracer or not. I had to give up all of my tracers some years ago, due to changes in California Law, so have forgotten if I had any or not. Maybe Phil Butler will know.

Thanks John. Were these made from reject components?

Falcon - that’s hard to say, because a component can be rejected at any stage of production, from the intial cup right up through any of the draw pieces and/or finished components. On the one hand, the fact that they have no flash holes leads one to believe that they were intially made as dummies, although the lack of flash holes could have been the defect that caused them to become dummies. Still, that would indicate a whole lot of defects - enough that whatever the problem would have been should have been solved before that. On the other hand, the number of different dates shows either an on-going production of them, or the stockpiling of cases, perhaps, again, defective because of no flash holes, to be loaded on occasion, as needed, into dummies.

I think without factory confirmation, any opinion is conjecture only. Military dummy rounds are often made on reject cases, but not always. One has only to look at things like the myriad of German dummies of types that could not be made from simply a reject case, to know that they are often simply “new ammunition” made from the start as inert rounds. Best examples of that are the plastic ones with steel bases.

I have never seen an Israeli 7.9mm tracer or AP although a couple of reference books list the color codes for these loadings. I have some Israeli AP boxes, but they contain Czech rounds with the white annulus.