Israeli 7.9mm AP box translation

Jon C. or anyone
Can you give me a translation of the labels on this box? Several years ago (1989) I was in the showroom at SARCO

Interesting picture. I can’t translate the box label but can say that the Czechs were quite close to Israel and supplied them with a lot of ammunition and other equipment until the USSSR completed its strangle-hold on Czechoslovakia and had poor relations with Israel. The Uzi SMG design was actually heavily influenced by a similar Czech SMG. Not surprising to see Czech ammunition in an Israeli box. While not in boxes, a huge amount of loose 9mm ammo brought into California years ago from Israel, while it hit bits and pieces for dprobably ten or more countries, had quite a bit of Czech 9mm mixed in with it, as I recall, all contemporary to the 7.92 you show. Nice box by the way.

Well, it is AP, but as you said, Czech-made.
The left label says:

7,92 M"M // G

Z LOT: 209/48



The right label says:
20 CARTRIDGE 7,92 M"M // G

CHA"SH (the abbreviation for Choder Shirion/Armor Piercing)

Z LOT: 174-57/48

The “CH” in the 2 words above is pronounced with a throat-clearing sound (like with Jalepeno), not like the “CH” in Charles.

Jon - Thank you very much for the translation, I really appreciate it.