Israeli 76mm APFSDS Made For South Africa?


I was lucky to have just added this beautiful, inert, 76mm APFSDS projectile to my collection with the help of an IAA Member. I am pretty certain that this projectile was manufactured by Israel for South Africa for one of their light weight AFV’s? I am not sure what the gold anodized color is supposed to signify. I do not think this example was for tactical use as I have seen other IMI manufactured 76’s made for South Africa that were painted and stenciled in typical colors and markings. Now I just need to find the correct band for it.

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Does the proj./sabots have any markings? And what makes you think it is made in Israel?
The yellow anodization seems to be the standard coating before the paint job is applied.


Jason, it looks like an APFSDS-T projectile for the 76 mm GT4 gun used by the South African Armscor (later Denel) Rooikat 8x8 AFV. It is loaded in a 76/62 case (76,2x636R).

I’m not sure about the Israeli connection. Is the sabot marked “APFS-DS”?




Thanks guys!

Yes, the Rooikat is the AFV I was told that this went to. This example could be a show dummy as, EOD suggests. I am pretty sure it has a tungsten core also. I have a lot of Israeli APFSDS projectiles in all sizes made for both Israel’s domestic use and for foreign markets and this one incorporated all the tell-tail design features that seem unique to many Israeli designed APFSDS projectiles, primarily in the way the sabot petals are connected and the design of the sub-projectiles windscreen. Interestingly, according to JANE’S AMMUNITION, the first APFSDS ammunition made for this gun system designed by Rheinmetall, utilized a CCC case. I have seen examples of full rounds that utilize brass cases. Also, the only tactical round I have seen in a friends collection has a projectile with the same sabot petals (Painted Black & Stenciled) but fitted with a slightly longer dart that also appears to be an Israeli design, possibly made under license???