Israeli 9mm Shot


Got a new round today that I haven’t seen before. Any info appreciated. The round on the left is the known Israeli “shot” loading, with the shot encased in clear plastic. The headstamp on that one is Tof Tzadik 7-71. The round on the right has 4 steel “petals” encasing the shot pellets. Its headstamp is Tof Tzadik 5-72. I don’t think the headstamp dates have any real significance. The box for the plastic-sabot round has EXPERIMENTAL on the label, so I would think any cases or dates might have been used. I would like to know which version came first.


Jon, I think the right one is no sabot round. It looks much like the molded plastic split due to corrosion of the steel balls.


I don’t think so. The black outer bit is too well formed, and the holes and the 4 splits are too regular for that. It is hard to tell, but the black “petals” seem like spring steel to me. I won’t be trying to break it for confirmation, however. has anyone ever cut one of the clear ones open? Is the plastic solid or just an outside covering?


Have never seen or heard of the black jacket shot load???



Jon, the arrangement and positioning of the steel balls is predicted by the available space and due to the geometry evenly spaced. Then, when corrosion set in the plastic had to crack exactly along the evenly arranged steel balls rendering the impression of a sabot.
Just my thought as a technician.



Really interesting loads. Were these intended as a form of frangible projectile for limited penetration? Those have to be the largest pellets I’ve seen in a shot loading (rather than multi-ball) for a cartridge that size! “Buckshot” for your 9mm…



Although I’ve never seen it documented, I believe these were meant for airline security officers…“Sky-Marshalls”.


Neat item. I know you stated that the date was meaningless, however, my last clear plastic riot load is 1-72 and first date in 1971. I can’t feature that your round was made any earlier than the date on the case, later perhaps. The clear plastic shot loads are solid. I did not discover this from any fancy sectioning, they break when you drop them.

The riot load you show seems to me as you describe it, separate petals that would open up when fired. They remind me of the shot concentrators which I collect. In fact your round would nicely fit into both my 9mm and shot concentrator collection. Have you tried any patent search?

Thank you for posting the round.


No, Gary, I haven’t done any research on it. Your statement that the clear rounds are solid confirms my thoughts that mine is not simply a deformed version of the known clear example, mine is something different.


As I look at the photo closely and specifically into the crack, it looks like the black material is molded around the shot, like it were plastic. Hard to tell from the photo. The black material is very thin at the tip, but seems to thicken as it follows the curve of the shot in the tip of the bullet and then thins again further down as it approaches the exposed shot further down the crack.

It is interesting that these shot loads are from the same timeframe as the SSB loads made by Colt for Israel.

I have wondered in the past if the SSB loads and these shot loads were related in some way. I have heard the SSBs for the Uzi were intended as a guard load for shorter range work. I doubt the shot loads would breakup very well in a normal 9mm barrel. I suspect that they would come out as chunks of shot and plastic. I am pretty sure the loads would break up just fine and really function as shot in the taper barrel of the Uzi’s adapted for the SSB rounds! The Swedish red plastic bullet blanks and black bullet short range with the steel ball in the tip come out a 9mm barrel intact unless the blank adaptor is fitted to break up the plastic. I suspect that these shot bullets would come out the barrel essentially intact unless there was some kind of barrel restrictor to break them up.

Maybe the black bullet is a plastic designed to break up more easily!

The dates are all so close and since they were all driven for use by Israel, it is hard to believe that they were not somehow connected, or two different solutions for the same requirement. Would be interested in other opinions on this.




When I was in Israel I looked for some of these; most of the guys I spoke with looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out my ears.

I did have one fellow tell me that the ‘clear’ version is formed using a liquid epoxy or resin and the shot ‘cast’ into a bullet mold. I don’t know how accurate this information is.

I’ve always seen these bullets described or listed as ‘riot’ and/or ‘UZI’ projectiles. The Israelis have done a lot of work with plastic bullets, .22lr, frangibles, etc. in efforts to reduce lethality of their firearms in riot-type situations. It’s possible that the bullets were fired from normal UZI SMGs, but in a skip-fire/indirect role. The few people that provided info spoke often about ‘aiming for the feet’ in riots…I admit to a bit of a language barrier during my stay there as well.

In my limited experience, the Israelis have issued .22lr pistols (Berettas were what I saw) in airline security cases where penetration was a concern.

This was all in the mid to late 90s, so info and technology have surely improved.


Certainly looks like a purpose made projectile to me.