Israeli Air-Marshal rounds?


Do anyone have information on these Israeli frangibles, which were sold as Air-Marshal ammunition?



I have the same two rounds with the same two headstamps. I believe I got both (I know I got one) from Gordon Conway. I got these not later than the mid 1990s.




Very interesting. Has anyone seen a box label?


Does anyone have any information on the projectiles on these? Are they bonded powder, or is the rounded ogive simply a cap that covers a true projectile like the Short-stop “beanbag”, or what?


To Jon C: No, I have never seen any box for these.
To SDC: Except for the colour, the projectiles are very similar to the DFA frangibles. I am pretty sure it is not a cap, but for obvious reasons, I don’t want to disassemble them…


I guess the big question, at least for me, is are they Israeli or Conway on Israeli cases?



I’m sure these are not Conway on Israeli cases. I knew Gordon well, and the guy who did all his ammo work, Freddie Brown. There work was really limited to the CBX and CBAP loads (Conway-Brown Expanding and AP). Gordon also made some blanks once. He had great connections with IMI and I suspect he walked out with a box of each of these. The boxes (if he had them) would have been turned in when he sold all his stuff to the British Government for lots of money during the Great turnin of arms and ammunition. He had a case of the DWM 1930s contract for Iran and in his room had a tall stack of sealed boxes of this ammo. I got from him a empty box and seperate label. The Luger collectors were very interested when they saw the box so I contacted Gordon on their behalf and all of these were turned in and undoubtedly destroyed.