Israeli Battlefield Dig


I am posting this for “Joeltiptop”. They are projectiles he found at the “Ayon-Kara” battlefield. Can anyone identify any of the bits? I’m sure he will try to answer any of the questions that arise.

New zealand bullets found at ayun-kara battlefield 1917

The first three slugs in the third row and the first two in the fourth row look like .22 Long Rifle. Some of those may have been fired from a pistol, due to low deformation. This place may be a battle sight, but it may have also been used as a plinking range at some other time.


Very possible.


Nothing, except I concur on the .22 LR slugs.



I think the leftmost bullet in the top row might be a mk.7 .303. If fired at considerable distance from the point of contact the bullet would remain relatively intact but the lightweight insert in front of the lead core would tend to break off, along with its surrounding bit of jacket. The other bullet fragments in the top row appear to have steel jackets. Jack


The larger slugs show heavily corroded jackets. This leads me to believe that the jackets were steel, as opposed to gilding metal or cupronickel. I always think of German and Austrio-Hungarian ammo having steel jackets. Did the British load much .303 with steel jackets?


While the middle two on the top row do look dark red, and maybe the one on the right also, the left-hand bullet in that row is more gray and I think has a copper or nickel jacket. A magnet would help out here. Jack