Israeli grenade launching cartridges, 7.62x51

I just received a few boxes of these in the mail today and wondered if anyone could translate the box label?

Also, does anyone have photo of a sectioned example they could share?

Here are the photos…

LOT: < 6-73 T.Z. >

Thank you, jonnyc!! Much appreciated.

The lack of any identification of the loading as blank or propelling cartridge, and what i see as a difference in the length of the cartridge and the height of box (cartridge on my screen is about three inches long and the box about four inches high) would leave me to believe that these were not the original rounds for these boxes. Were the boxes all still sealed, with untorn label? Just wondered. If everything original to each other (and my perception of size on the computer screen is wrong), it is odd labeling for a special purpose cartridge, is it not?

The boxes are sealed (except for one that I opened) and they have a string attached for the purpose of tearing open the seal. The cartridges fit the box perfectly - it must just be the photo. One of the boxes also had a “shoestring” tied around it that reminds me of the strings that are included in Russian ammo crates for the purpose of lifting out the tight fitting spam cans.

Here’s some additional photos…

The label is correct for those grenade blanks. The transliteration for the round is “Tahmish”, as opposed to a noise blank, which is “Haak”, the abbreviation for “Hosair Kaliyah”, which means “Missing Bullet”.

Jon et al - thank you. Pictures and complete translation explains everything.
I am sorry for my ignorance on this. The size difference between box and cartirdge is obviously a distortion on my screen, which is good to know that it occurs. I don’t collect NATO, but I have always liked it and the .223, so I try to ask questions on it when they come up. It is probably boring for those that already know the answers, and I apologize for that.


You respond to every question that you can on the forum so don’t apologize .