Israeli IMI .223 Blanks

When I was in Israel a few months ago I was super fortunate to get a full on tour of a top secret training facility. The facility was a recreation of a city in Lebanon that was controlled by terrorists that were constantly sending rockets into Israel. The facility was beyond my words to describe and I was not allowed to take photos. The high ranking Officer had me walk threw some dense woods crossed with small trails during a training exercise. Needless to say, I was killed many times, set off a few trip wires and got ambushed more then once when I walked up on stashes of rockets and other ordnance which were really decoys to set me up to be ambushed. Then I had to go underground into an amazing tunnel system full of booby traps and funnel traps. It was there that I picked up these two IMI .223 Blanks. They have different headstamps.