Israeli IMI 60MM APFSDS-T Ammunition

Since I started to specialize my collection interests to large bore APFSDS and related ammunition about 14 years ago I have been on the hunt for a IMI 60MM APFSDS inert round. So far I have been unsuccessful but last week I finally acquired three IMI 60MM cases that I am pretty fired-up about. :-) One appears to be some kind of “test” case, maybe for pressure testing? It has 4 small holes drilled into its side from the neck to the base and the entire base / head-stamp area is gone.

I have seen this round with a APFSDS projectile and non saboted blue TP projectile. Not sure if they made others. A few people have told me it is Merkava Tank related but so far all my research shows that it has nothing to do with the Merkava and more to do with a small AFV Israel made for Chile? I have a lot of books on the Merkava and not mention the use of this round. I think the confusion is that early model Merkava’s had a 60MM Mortar?

It is definitely one of my favorite APFSDS rounds and I hope to find a complete Inert APFSDS example for my collection one day but until then, I am totally stoked with these cases. If anyone has any pictures or information concerning this round, I would be grateful. I’d also love to see a cutaway or a projectile out of its case in a perfect world. I have spent hours on the internet looking for info with very little luck.


The two complete cases have red stenciling saying, " NON CRIMPED".

This is the unusual case (maybe for testing?)

4 holes (pressure testing?)

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Jason, over here In Europe somebody has a whole huge box of inert ones. Every now and then one shows up at the shows. Keep your eyes open.


Isn’t that a German primer in your photo of the headstamp?


I wish I was there, EOD! I have been wanting one of these for Years :-) It took me 14 years to find a empty case in the US. The hunt is still on!

Gravelbelly, you are right, that primer does look German with the “LOS” preface. I think Germany and Israel work together on a lot of projects?

It is.

Interesting that all the stencils and test markings are in English.

Looks much like these were tested in the US.

The gun and ammo started life as a joint Italian/Israeli project, but the two countries went on to develop their own self-loading guns to use the ammo.

These were designed to arm light AFVs to give them the punch to take out earlier generations of (Soviet) MBTs, so APFSDS was the main ammo type, although HE was also made.

The only country to use the guns was indeed Chile, who bought some Israeli ones to rearm their old light tanks (M41 IIRC). I think that they have a manually-loaded version.

I briefly had an APFSDS (see below) but traded it for something else.

Thanks so much for posting that great photo of your 60MM APFSDS round. Even photos of this round are hard to find. I wish I was on your side of the pond to get one for my collection :-)


Scanned this from Jane’s.


I wonder who wrote that for Janes?

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Not me - I do small arms, grenade and riot control rounds, automatic cannon 20-57mm and (for some unknown reason) mortar bombs and fuzes.

Tank and naval guns plus artillery ammo are dealt with by my co-editor, Leland Ness.

Some pictures to enjoy:

M113 HVMS protoype:

Test model:

Five APFS-DS-T hits on a T-62:


Chilean M-24A1 Chafee modernized with an IMI 60/70 mm HVMS cannon (project Neptuno started in 1979; in use until 1999):



It was also used by Chile in modernized Super Sherman (Sherman M-50) and Cardoen Piraña 6x6:

Interesting - I didn’t realise they’d used it in a 6x6 - are these still in service?

Here’s a pic of the experimental Italian OTO Melara version on a Dardo chassis (from my web article on light AFV guns and ammo: )

A correction: The 6x6 vehicle is not a Mowag Piranha but a license made Cardoen Piraña 6x6. Previous post edited.

Is this one still in service Fede?

Any idea what happened to the guns from the M24 and Sherman?

The Chaffee and Super Sherman are not longer in service (some in reserve). Piraña 6x6 vehicles are still in service but I’m not sure about those versions with a 60 mm cannon.

Another picture of the Piraña HVMS next to a Piraña 8x8 with 90 mm cannon:

The eagle has landed! After many, many years of hunting, I finally score this beautiful, inert, Israeli 60MM APFSDS-T Dummy round. A good friend and fellow collector overseas acquired it for me. I received the projectile, simulated primer rod/tube and case separately. The case was sectioned to save weight and that is still inbound to me. Years ago I acquired some fired empty cases mentioned in the beginning of this thread that I cleaned up and installed the projectile into.

From what I have learned, all of the overseas IMI 60 Dummies do not contain their fin assemblies. Instead the threads of the primer hole are removed so the opening has smooth walls. A simulated primer is installed and threaded to a heavy hollow pipe which in-turn is threaded into a coupler threaded to the base of the sub-projectile dart. If you spin the primer, the dart will spin. These overseas dummies all seem to come from the same LOT # and have blue simulated powder to achieve the weight of its tactical counterpart. The simulated power looks to be plastic or resin that was extruded and pinch cut to size on the same machines that fabricate the real powder? The fake INERT powder was not shipped to me. Anyhow, I am TOTALLY STOKED!


In this pic you can see where it used to say “60MM Dummy”. Looking at it in your hands, you cannot see this stenciling at all until it is photographed, CRAZY!

All of the Israeli large bore APFSDS projectiles I have seen incorporate this ring to hold the petals together. I always thought it was a ball bearing because the sub-projectile dart spins inside the sabot petals until, EOD explained to me that it was not :-) So far, I have only seen this design feature in Israeli APFSDS projectiles.