Israeli IMI / SAMSON Ammunition Catalog Scans

I recieved this as a gift from a fellow IAA Member and thought I would scan some of the pages that had ammunition pics or info in case others here may have a interest.


Thanks for posting that. Is there a date on it?

Pity they didn’t include the muzzle velocities…

It does not seem to have a blatant date posted on it, Tony. On the last page it does have, “Produced By IMI Weapons Group, Marketing Depart. 50-012 (12/92),” printed in tiny print. Maybe it is from December 1992?

PS: Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family, Tony.

Thanks Jason,

Here’s a nice pic for you: two 25mm APFSDS and the rare 27mm (at the bottom) which I think may have been developed for the unsuccessful Mauser Drakon naval CIWS, which had four BK27 guns.

Wowwwwwww! Those are totally bad a$$, Tony! I have never seen a APFSDS 27mm projectile before. Thank you big time! Saving this picture.