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The excellent video production " TALES OF THE GUN " claims that the Jewish underground made small arms rifle cartridges out of lipstick tubes imported from England. It is a series which everone should see but this is hard for me to believe. Has anyone ever seen such an item ?

The 9mm production is well documented and .303 has been mentioned BUT as of this date a certain .303 made by the Jewish underground has not been documented.

Woodin Lab has one which he suspects is such a thing but not certain.

Lipstick tubes ?

The series goes for many hours and can be bought as a set at reasonable prices. Several IAA members do interviews about ammo and former FBI armorer and IAA member , John wallace , does an excellent section on the “Tommy Gun”.


I find this hard to beleive. I can not imagine a brass lipstick tube being at all suitable in either thickness or proper alloy composition to make even a marginal cartridge case.

I would not be at all surprised if brass draw pieces or partially completed cases were imported as “lipstick tubes” to mask their intended purpose. It is easy to see how this subterfuge could have taken on a life of it’s own and eventually become the supposed truth…



The “Lipstick Tubes” episode is also mentioned in “O Jerusalem”, a 1970s Book about the 1948 War, the Events from the 1940s leading up to it, and the founding of the State of Israel.
It is most probable that the “Tubes” were simply Third or Fourth draws for making .303 cases (still rounded ends, and cylindrical) which could “also” be made into “lipstick cases” rather than “cartridge cases”…It didn’t take very much to fool British Customs and Military Inspectors at Haifa etc, looking at incoming shipments…a whole ship load of Scrap Iron (ex"Agricultural and mechanical equipment") passed without a murmur, when it actually held a complete Ammo production Line (presses, etc) dismantled and scattered throughout a load of real scrap (Bought cheap in 1945-47 at one of the US New England Disposal Sales)…the Parts were sorted, the machinery installed in underground Kibbutz workshops, and the first .303 and 9mm ammo was produced just before Independance.

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Good thinking there. Have you ever seen any EVIDENCE of .303 underground production ?