Israeli practice rifle grenade set

I found this listing on Gunbroker recently which just ended for a full original crate of Israeli practic rifle grenades and spare parts modeled on the BT/AT-44 dual purpose grenades. The crate itself is great for crate / case collectors. Are these very rare, or rare in this condition? It sold for $200 + $40 shipping.





I recall seeing a similar kit a few years ago, but can’t remember any price.
The markings on the box are pretty standard, but 2 items do stand out a bit.

  1. Left of the latch, second line: DUMMY ANTI-TANK
  2. Center, below the latch: INCLUDES 300 LAUNCHING CARTRIDGES
    Also, the launching rounds appear to be from a 1989 lot, while the grenades are from 1998.
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REALLY COOL! I love the Israeli specimens! Neat seeing such a complete kit like this! Thanks for posting!